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A Community Workshop & Creative Space

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What tools and classes would you like to see available at a maker space on the Oregon coast?

What Is a Maker Space?

A maker space is a place in which people with shared interests can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge.

Florence Maker Space offers classes, tools & work space for the creative individual and entrepreneur.


Like minded people come together to share and communicate ideas.


Maker spaces give the public a place to learn and discover new skills.


Staying motivated is the hardest part. Together even the biggest projects can be tackled.


A good idea brought to life with the right group of people can lead to amazing things for our community.

Maker Spaces are an alternative place to learn and acquire new skills.

What we are Trying to Do

Florence Maker Group was formed by local like minded people who felt the Siuslaw area doesn't offer much in the forms of extended learning in technical fields, especially when it comes to trade skills. Florence Maker Space is an idea that hopes to bring people from all backgrounds and job fields together to cooperate on local projects and classes whether it be an art installation or a new dune toy design.

Our work along the way.

Road Map.

Things don't happen over night. Follow our progress from concept to completion. Watch us grow..

Stage 1 - Plan 70%
Stage 2 - Fund 50%
Stage 3 - Build 50%
Stage 4 - Grow 0%

Helping build the Future in Florence.

What people say.

A maker space is about community first.

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“People coming together to share ideas is always a good thing.”

Copier Doctor

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“Looking forward to working on projects at the makerspace.”